Welcome to Madagascar !

Welcome to Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, situated 400 km off the coast of mainland Africa. Due to its importance of biodiversity, some people call it the seventh continent, 80% of faunas and 90 % of floras are endemics in the island, or found nowhere else in the world. Madagascar contains more species than the rest of the world put together.

Concerning faunas, the first, which represent the country are lemurs. We have in total 113 species, There are as well Chameleons, from the biggest, up to 69 cm, to the smallest, less than a thumbnail ; Geckos, especially the leaf-tailed gecko which is the king of camouflage ; more than a hundred species of butterflies ; Frogs,… We also have birdwatching sites, among beautiful , colourful and unique birds that offers the island.

Concerning floras, we have more than 1 000 species of Orchids, and more than hundred species of medicinal plants used for international pharmaceutique. The most famous is the iconic tree called Baobabs, of which we have seven of the nine species existing on the world. Six are endemics in Madagascar, one is Africo-Malagasy, one in Australia, and a recent one discovered in Kilimandjaro, still in Africa.

Beside that, we also have one of the world’s best lagoon for beaches, the fifth largest coral reef in the world, 450 km of fringing, patch.

To sum up, wildlife safaris, nature, beaches, adventures, trekking, diving, snorkeling, birdwatching, whale safari : Madagascar is a dream destination.  Discover why Madagascar should be your next destination ?