Few travel tips which may useful to you.


  • Raingear (all clothes and equipment in backpacks should be well  enclosed in plastic bags, in case you travel during the rainy season )
  • Sturdy hiking shoes/boots (sturdy sandals might be okay in the dry season, but when it`s wet, the leeches are sometimes a problem)
  • Cool, lightweight clothes for hiking during day
  • Warmer clothes for evenings (long sleeves,long pants are also good for mosquito protection)
  • Hat or cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Toiletries and small towel
  • Toilet paper
  • First aid supplies
  • Tent, foam pad and lightweight sleeping bag (only if camping)
  • Flashlight/Headlamp
  • Binoculars
  • Camera and film
  • 1-2 liters water per day


This list will provide a most used Malagasy language which can be useful to you. Locals really appreciate seeing Vazaha speaking Malagasy. Vazaha, I repeat again, is a word to design a Foreigner, a word that`s never forgot by the children rushing and calling you Vazaha. Don`t worry, it doesn`t have a negative meaning. This is just a few words, but during your stay, I invite learning more, one vabulary per day, to immerse in Malagasy culture.

ENGLISH                                                                                           MALAGASY

Hello/Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening               Salama E! /A! /O!

Goodbye                                                                                           Veloma !

Thank you !                                                                                       Misaotra !

Good                                                                                                 Tsara

Very good                                                                                         Tsara be

Rice                                                                                                   Vary


This is a question most of you are asking ?

Madagascar is well-known as the Island of Lemurs and Baobabs, and actually its beautiful beach. The reason why all of ours Tours allow you admiring these. Discover why Madagascar should be your next destination.

The best to visit Madagascar is on April to December. That will permit you to visit all parts of the Island, as it is accessible. The most raining is January-February-March, and some sites are inaccessible due to rain.

The tours depend on your interests, and priorities. That's why the tours here, these are just an example. If you are planning to visit the country, send us how many days you have, and what exactly pushed you coming here in Madagascar. And we will make a tailored tours for you.

How long ? Best is two weeks to one month to visit Madagascar. Yes, I know, that's so long ! Madagascar is very big, and as you know infrastructures for transport here is not very good, so need more time to travel !


Finding a way from main roads, is accessible only by tracks which may take the travel travel 10 or 15 kilometers per hour.

Circuits on the sand or on the despistes muddy, during the rainy season, can again double the time of route.

It is always necessary to bring enough reserves in drinkable waters in the vehicle, so that some clean water is not lacking during a breakdown.

It is necessary to avoid if possible the journeys of night because of holes, defective bridge, flats of wheels or obstacles on the road. Night is 6.30 pm at the latest. A night journey can be exceptionally douable on the main axes (RN 4, RN 2 and RN 7), on which trucks and Taxi-brousse circulate regularly in convoys.

The driver has to stop all 3 or 4 hours, so that the customer can rest. We can drink and eat in the numerous hotely along main roads.

The car should always equipped with tents, to spend at night by the roadside in case of unforeseen circumstances (breakdown, accident, broken bridge etc.)


Hope you will enjoy your trip !

Kind regards,