Your experience with Christian !

Madagascar is an exceptional destination for the most beautiful emotions of your vacations. What’s attractions in Madagascar ?
Friends, I invite to write some message here, what is your best experience during your travel here in Madagascar. Thank you !

10. févr., 2020

Joel Otte

I join the growing list of extremely satisfied clients of Christian Rakotondrajoa and his Antsirabe based Madagascar Island Tours. My 14-day tour with Christian, and driver Lico, ended on May 23, 2019.

Of all the trips I’ve done in the world, this one with Christian ranked as #2 for me, tied in second with Antarctica (South Georgia Island also part of that trip). I found this trip to be much more interesting and engaging than the Galapagos Islands which I
would now rank as #4. The lemurs alone are fantastic, just by themselves worth the trip!

As far as cost is concerned, a tour with Christian to virtually anywhere in Madagascar can be done much less expensively than the Galapagos Islands on an average daily cost basis. I think if Darwin had explored Madagascar instead of the Galapagos, then Madagascar
would now hold a much higher status than the Galapagos Islands.

Additional details regarding Christian and my selection process are on this link :

Site Internet 27. nov., 2018


Great site, good work.

Site Internet 23. nov., 2018

Jennifer Peterson

Travel is a wonderful thing, I like to make friends who love to travel. lol.

20. juin, 2018

Zvonko Abramovich

He will explain everything and try to help you with every smallest think that you need... He is like Mum! ;)

Before trip I knew that this will be great trip, and that he really try to do best for us because we exchanged 94 mails!!! I am so sorry to be so boring but my lack just shows his perfection!

His character is something that I have never seen, and it is so strange that such honest and nice person is your guide, because from first day it was a friendship relationship, not doing a job!

Food and accommodation were also perfect, and sometimes it was much better than arranged basic (like huge beautiful bungalows)!!!

So, from beginning to the and the whole plan worked perfectly, and we did everything!

Without his guidance, local guides that he choose, driver Manga, it will be impossible!

We did 3 days river trip, Big and small Tsingy walk, Kirindy day and night walk, 3 days/2 nights Andrigitra hike, 2 days/1 night Isalo hike, whole day Ranomafana hike and night walk, Anja reserve half day walk, Andasibe half day hike and night walk... Every
NP or reserve that we visited we saw different kind of wildlife and saw 5-7 species of lemurs and chameleons, fossa and a lot of cool but not dangerous insects, and dozens of interesting and specific plants- unique nature experience!

So if You want nature, traditional way of life, history, beautiful company and perfect organization for a very good price, you choose best guide and guy I have ever met on journey- Chrisitian!!!

20. juin, 2018

Zvonko Abramovich

First I have to say that I never have guide for whole holiday, and that I like to DIY, because I think it is much better experience and it is bigger challenge to make own organization of trip.

But Madagascar is something special. Country doesn't have normal public transport, and you have to go between towns and places with taxi brusse, which is overcrowded, often delays, and is very, very slow! It is fun and cool if you have time, but most of best
nature places are only possible to visit with 4x4, so you really need car.

Now you have 2 options.

First to rent car with driver, who will maybe know a lot about nature and history, but maybe! My friend have that kind of tour and after first day of travel there was not end with problems (car problems, delay in activities, just a lot of traveling without
any activities and running from place to place!).

Second option is to take guide, I mean Christian!

Me and friend have 21 days for exploring and we choose to do west part, south to Isalo, and east to Andasibe.

After first reply on my very specific questions and a lot of details, I knew I won a jackpot!

First, he understand your needs, goals and speaks very good English. This is VERY important, specially if you don't speak French! We met about 15 people in our trip, and just some of them speak English.

Second he is licensed national guide who knows very well about history, nature and local tradition, and believe me if you have interest in this he is THE BEST!

19. déc., 2017

Mint I roam alone


Just got back from 15 days trip in Madagascar with Jean Elisée Christian Rakotondrajoa. It was a successful trip especially if you are looking for the unique experience, beautiful places and people to create stories. When I was there I told him that I wanted
to experience the local life of Madagascan and he took me to a village where a foreigner had never been before and when I wanted to cover story on shark, he found me a fisherman and we went on a boat together. The good thing about him is you can be very flexible
and really do only what you want. I definitely recommend him to you.

Enjoy Madagascar.

18. nov., 2017

Louise Green, London, U.K

Christian Rakotondrajoa is the best guide imaginable!

My husband and I have just returned from 15 incredible days touring Madagascar with our guide Christian and our driver Nanou. Too many highlights to list but the biggies were the Tsiribihina river trip, the otherworldly Tsingy de Bemahara, Kirindy NP, the Alleé
de Baobabs, Kimoni beach at Morondava, Antsirabe, Anja Community Reserve, and Andasibe NP.

From the first email enquiry Christian was professional, friendly and always replied promptly. That email led to the best two weeks of my life, and friendships that I'm sure will last a lifetime.

Christian's english is faultless (and he speaks several other languages too). He quoted the best fee (by a long way) and was incredibly patient and helpful; we exchanged a LOT of emails planning the trip! And when we had to reduce the length of our stay due
to work commitments, through his local knowledge and creativity Christian still managed to deliver an itinerary that included everything we wanted to see, all at a perfect pace, for which I'm eternally grateful - the two day detour to see baby Ringtails at
Anja Reserve was a stroke of genius! We saw every animal, reptile & bird on my wishlist for this trip, partly due to the incredible park guides Christian arranged (always the best & most experienced guides in each park) but also due to Christian himself being
so talented at spotting wildlife wherever we went (even on the side of the road when we stopped to stretch our legs!).

11. oct., 2017


Juin 2017

Nous avons passé un tres bon séjour de trois semaines avec Christian ! De la capitale ... en longeant la côte ouest ... à travers de magnifiques paysages . Nous en gardons un tres bon souvenir ! Christian à su assurer notre sécurité des le depart du voyage
. Tout en partageant de jolis moments avec les Malagaches.

Il a su aussi nous donner chaque jour des informations sur son pays , et annectotes . Nous avons maintenant envie de parcourir une autre partie du pays avec lui !

June 2017

We did a very good trip with Christian! From the capital ... along the west coast ... through magnificent landscapes. Christian ensured our safety of the departure of the trip. While sharing nice moments with the Malagasy. He also knew to give us every day
information about his country, and annectotes. We now want to travel another part of the country with him!

14. juin, 2017

Yarden Bibas, Israel

I was traveling with Christian at the begining of May for 16 days. It was the most amazing trip i have ever had and most of it because of him.

I am a young gir who traveled alone.and Christian take care to remove every little fear i had before the trip and during the trip.

It was a personal care that i had never recieved from any other guide. And he has so much knowledge about the real madagascar and so many contacts that you will be set for the whole trip.

I promise you...if you will do your trip to madagascarwith Christian you would never regret it. Its gonna be your most amazing experience.

I had the plesure to meet and travel with him.


25. avr., 2017

Hannah Avery, New Zealand

My partner and I joined two other people on a tour with Christian in November 2016. We spent 2.5 days cruising down the Tsiribihina River, camping on the river bank each night. Then travelled to Tsingy limestone formations where we stayed two nights in
a hotel and then on the last day we visited the Alley of Baobabs before finishing the tour in Morondava. We had a great time on the trip. The river was very relaxed and we just cruised while the boatman rowed us calmly downstream and the cook was even cooking
in the dugout canoe (pirogue) ensuring we had lunch on time. The Tsingy was like nothing I've seen before and whilst in the national park we spotted 2 types of lemur! The whole tour ran smoothly and Christian was a very professional guide who genuinely wanted
to ensure we had a great trip and were always comfortable and enjoying ourselves (which we did). I would thoroughly recommend him as a guide. He gives a great price and excellent service.