Who is Jean Elisée Christian Rakotondrajoa ?

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Having three years of experience to be a guide, I have, so far, guided more than 200 tourists, led expedition to the highest mountain in Madagascar, up to 2 658 m, adventure in the untouched natural habitats, the Massif of MAKAY. You can find out about reviews concerning me on TripAdvisor through this link:


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But who am I ?

My name is Jean Elisée Christian Rakotondrajoa, you can call me Christian. I am originally from Ranohira, in the South of Madagascar, a touristic village where tourists pass by to visit Isalo National Park - I was in the world of tourism since I was born! I remember as a child, whenever I met Vazaha (the Malagasy for word for tourists and white people) I used to rush to greet them, show where is it the Massif of Isalo and some chameleons. That time I only spoke a little French, as we learn it in primary school. Such good memories!

After high school, I had to move in the Highlands, in Antsirabe to pursue my university studies, with a major in Law. I tried four times to be a lawyer, but I failed due to corruption in the country.

In 2014, I decided to work in tourism. I am a National Tourist Guide authorized by the State. I started as a local guide in Antsirabe for sightseeing tours, and visits to the Lakes;  then I became a regional guide: hiking the surroundings of Betafo, the Mount Ibity.

I am very passionate about  discovering and making people discover arts (architect) and culture, biodiversity, faunas and floras of Madagascar. I take everyday as a challenge and satisfy my guests is my priority.

We are six in my family, I have three sisters, and two brothers. Four of us work in Tourism, all as guides – people says we have travelling in our DNA!

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Jean Elisee Christian RAKOTONDRAJOA

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